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The castle complex in Witków, dating back to the 14th century, is a unique example of an almost completely fortified Gothic knights' residence. It is one of the very rare defensive residences in contemporary Poland, which to this day have preserved their former form and original spatial layout in its basic form.

This defensive-residential assumption, erected on an artificially built hill, during its heyday between the fifteenth and seventeenth century, consisted of:

a knights' defensive and residential tower,
the castle courtyard,
a stone defensive wall about 7m high, counting from the water level in the moat,
four towers,
Gateway building,
surrounding the whole wet moat,
an entrance gate and a wooden bridge,
artificially built defensive embankment.

The distinguishing feature of the Witków castle is the unique Gothic polychromies dating back to the middle of the 15th century, depicting not only religious scenes, referring to the knightly ethos, but also the wedding scene of the then owner of Witków, Nickel II v. Warnsdorf.

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Planned to visit:

cellars of the Knights Tower (14th century) and the Gate Building (15th century),
chambers in the basement of the Knights' Tower and the Gate Building,
Knight's Hall with polychromes (XV century) in the Knight's Tower,
chambers on the second floor of the Knights' Tower.

Currently, the entire castle complex in Witków is undergoing renovation and the possibility of visiting the interiors is very limited.


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Zamek Rycerski
67-130 Witków 54A
gmina Szprotawa
woj. lubuskie


tel: +48 694 330 809